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Flying Tokyo #21 「カイル・マクドナルド特別レクチャー」


  1. Introduction to my work
  2. History and Context
  3. ML Introduction
  4. ML + dance: discrete figures
  5. Practical advice: breakdown of two projects

1. Introduction to my work

  • Social Soul (2014)
    • Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald with MKG
    • the installation will connect with your friends
    • also exibited at NY as Social Galaxy
  • Social Galaxy (2016)
    • Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald with Black Egg
    • sponsored by Samsung
    • the dots consists of smartphones
  • Missing (2012)
    • The xxx, Kyle, Aramique and Matt Mets
    • classic strategy
    • the room has 50 speakers
    • the speaker follow you when you walk
    • used the xx song
  • Light Leaks (2013)
    • Kyle and Jonas Jongejan
    • the technology was hidden from the view
    • projected to 50 disco balls
    • controll the reflection from the balls, then projected to the walls considering the relationship
  • Face Substitution (2011)
    • Arturo Castro and Kyle McDonald
    • ask what is identity?

2. History and Context


Media art


What is art?

  • Difinition is hard to explain so better to compare art with other things (examples below...)
  • Design and Art
    • Design: provides a solution
    • Art: creates a problem
  • Research and Art
    • Research: ...
    • Art: ...
  • Advertising and Art
    • Advertising: serves a client
    • Art: serves an audience
  • Education and Art

    • Education: provides explanations
    • Art: provides experiences
  • "One Coffe Cup a Day by cunicode"

3. ML Introduction

AI = Artifical Intelligence ML = Machine Learning

How do you define intelligence? Edgar Degas (1909)

"Intelligece" can mean

4.ML + dance: discrete figures


5. Practical advice: breakdown of two projects

  • First, post something on SNS. If you do that something happens to you.
  • Inspiration: what work have you seen that git? you excited?
    • understanding why you are inspired is important
  • Places/Events: ...
  • People/Colaborators: you find them exciting. Who is the most similar to you, or most different?
  • Material/Media: things you find interesting. Tools that you want to work with, Things that are cheap.
  • Themes/Topics; something happening in the world, or locally. Something happening in your life, or in your relationship.